ZENJENN is a Beauty and Wellness brand focused on bringing mindfulness into your daily rituals

Founder + Creator

Jenn began her career in the fashion industry nearly 15 years ago and has held titles such as Store Director, Costume Director, Visual Merchandiser, Producer, Photography and Runway Stylist. Jenn is based in Dallas but has worked in LA and New York for various companies and designers. More recently, over the past 5 years, Jenn began to take a deep dive into another passion of hers, wellness. She studied herbalism through The Herbal Academy taking both an advanced herbalist course as well as a botanical skincare course. Jenn also became a certified Meditation Teacher through a 200hr MTT course teaching over 21 different styles of meditation. Along with these wellness modalities Jenn began to incorporate her knowledge of the retail and fashion industries to jumpstart her very own company ZENJENN LLC.

ZENJENN is a holistic sustainable beauty and wellness company steeped in herbalism, mindfulness, and the ritual of self-care. She began to develop and hone the craft of formulating natural skincare products, a hobby she has carried throughout her life since she was 10 years old. By incorporating her creative background along with these ancient practices of herbalism and meditation Jenn created a brand that speaks to the modern mystic,  the health conscious consumer and the moderate to luxury market.

Jenn currently sits on the board of Fashion Group International a worldwide membership organization of industry leaders in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and retail sectors with global headquarters in New York. In her spare time you can find Jenn with her two girls barefoot in her backyard, taking a yoga class, or daydreaming about her next creative project.


Holistic Beauty

ZENJENN is a Beauty and Wellness brand focused on bringing mindfulness into your daily rituals

Our sustainably sourced botanicals, ancient herbal practices, and mindfully made goods elevate your very being through intentional products that nourish the spirit, soothe the body, and unburden the mind.

Our products are always made vegan and cruelty-free. ZENJENN never uses any synthetic additives, preservatives, harsh chemicals or toxic fillers. We sell our products using minimal packaging and offer reusable glass containers so we are able to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics that go out into the world.